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Financial Mathematics
Refresher Mathematics:
- Practice Problems Using the Chain Rule of Differentiation (pdf)
- Practice Problems In Stochastic Calculus Using Ito's Lemma (pdf)

Black-Scholes Theory:
- Derive the Black Scholes PDE Using a Replicating Portfolio (pdf)
- Derive the Black Scholes PDE (with dividends) Using a Hedging Portfolio (pdf)
- Derive the Black Scholes PDE Using Risk-Neutral Pricing Theory (pdf)
- Derive the Explicit Solution for Black-Scholes Call Option Delta (pdf)
- Find S(t) and E[S(t)] for Geometric Brownian Motion (pdf)

Put-Call Parity:
- Derive Put-Call Parity (pdf)

Introduction to Binomial Trees:
- Derive the Binomial Tree Risk Neutral Probability and Delta (pdf)
- Exploring Arbitrage Opportunities in the Binomial Tree (pdf)

And much more Introductory Financial Mathematics to come...

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